middle aged problems


I must say after turning 40 things changed for me in the weight room, but now at 50 things are really different. my workouts are kicking my butt and when i finish working out i feel like i got hit by a baseball bat and brick lol. anyone else feel the same way and is it something i just have to adjust to or what?


yes you have to adjust it of course. you don't see many pro athletes stick around past 35 for a reason


im nearing 40 and i have so many fucking nagging injuries, aches, pains etc... from all the years of abuse but it is what it is.. you either deal with it or you don't... it certainly doesnt get easier... the best thing that i can tell you is to get smarter as you get older... the more you experience, the more you see, the more you learn and so its up to you from there... you can make things easier by being smarter...


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Sadly its a part of life as we get older, have you looked into sarms at all ? Specifically mk2866 or mk677 those are wonderful at helping to heal and repair and recover