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Post workout meal replacements


What is going to be the best post-workout meal replacement that I can buy online?
I've come across several different options. Kaged clean meal
Ka’chava post workout
Huel complete
can I take this after the gym and then drive to work an hour and then not have to worry about eating for another few hours?
honestly man, forget meal replacements. they aren't good for you at all and they do more harm than good

eat a healthy meal
Cook all your food in advance. I make tons of brown rice, chicken and broccoli and I always have it as soon as I get home to eat.
try one that doesn't have too much different ingredients and added preservatives.
Sometimes I order bodybuilder meal replacements. They aren't cheap though. They cost a lot of money. You need a sponsor to afford it.
Best thing you can do post-workout is eat a nutritious meal and get good sleep and you will grow.
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