creatine timing


I want to add some creatine to my anavar run. How much would I add of mono and hcl? I want to really clean up this cycle and get max results from my var.


SMH: don't put the cart in front of the horse. You shouldn't be trying out supplements when you're already on steroids.


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You dont need any more than 5g of creatine per day. Anything more than that and your body will just piss and shit it out. 5g is even a little more than you really need


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I just take it in the afternoon and hour before I work out, since starting my sarms cycle, I dont take anything but sarms as I am trying to feel the impact of my cycle with no addition to it.
The goal should be to saturate the muscle with the creatine. The is typical easiest to do by feeding the body when most depleted. For most people that will be first thing after waking up and / or after working out. If you are taking in 4-5 grams of monohydrate per day you will be fine; HCL will be significantly less but I don't use it so I won't speak to it.

Also, like RickRock said, if you get loose stool, cut back. This is a sign that you are not absorbing it all.