paleo diet thoughts


what is the deal with everyone i run into who is doing paleo dieting lately? is that something that someone started pushing online and now everyone is jumping on the wagon or is it something that i am just now realizing? how would you even manage to correctly eat paleo food when everything is in packages and fast food these days?


V.I.P. Gold
I like paleo it's a good diet vs the regular american diet, so it's really something good if you can manage it right.


fast food companies are pushing paleo to people bigtime, but you will NEVER eat true paleo at any restaurant especially fast food.

remember true paleo diet is NOTHING like what we see today. there weren't cows walking around during caveman days. a true paleo diet would be a complete feast or famine type diet and meat consumption is very rare unless you got super lucky. there weren't farmed animals in those times
Any diet will work if you stick with it. I have a few simple principles: no processed foods, lots of raw fruits and veggies, protein from chicken, eggs, grass fed beef, lots of healthy fats.